Request your child’s mySAISD key from any one of your child’s teachers or a campus administrator.

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This information will be verified against your child's school record to verify your identity and will not be made public. Please enter the same information you provided during school registration.

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Note: You can add up to four (4) children to your mySAISD account using this form. You can add additional children after you have created your account. Refer to the Help section after logging in to add additional children.
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Don't have a Username or Password?

If you have already registered your children at an SAISD school for the current school year, but need a Username and Password, you can register for a mySAISD account by clicking the Continue button below.

IMPORTANT: You need to obtain a mySAISD key from your child's school before you can register. You need a key for each child. You can obtain a key from your child's teacher or from a campus administrator. You will also need to have your child's student ID number to complete registration. If you don't have the student ID number, please contact your child's school.

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