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Welcome to the Campus Operations Portal (C.O.P.)
What is the Campus Operations Portal?

    It is your gateway to SAISD's wealth of information in Fixed Assets, Personnel, Projections, Improvement Plans and Testing.  The information available to the user is permissions-based.  In order to get access to the Campus Operations Portal, or COP, you must login first using your SAISD MS Outlook User Name and Password.  Forgot your password?  Call the SAISD Help Desk at 244-2929 or email the Help Desk at to have it reset. If you need access to a particular application within COP, you may request access by clicking on one of the hyperlinks below in the "What kind of information can I get from COP?" section or contact the Data Warehouse at

    The goal of the Campus Operation Portal is to give users access to data in a convenient, efficient, and user friendly format. If you have any suggestions or comments concerning COP, please send your feedback to

Note: The data for the COP is downloaded once daily from Region 20 and therefore is not real time data, with the exception of the Improvement Plan, State Testing Database and Projections applications. Real time data is available from Region 20 via iTCCS.

 What kind of information can I get from COP?
  • District and Campus Improvement Plans   The District and campus improvement plan has been replaced by Plan 4 Learning. 
    To be granted access for your campus, please have your principal send an email to Mr. Douglass Littlefield authorizing you to have access.
  • Projections   View your campus(es) historical membership data, next school year projected membership, and feeder campus(es) data. Request access to Projections
  • Human Resources  District and campus administrative staff can get access to employee identification numbers for their campus/department.  Request access to the HR Portal
  • Fixed Assets   Locate a particular item in inventory by inventory number or search for a list of inventory items by a variety of item attributes. Request access to Fixed Assets
  • Testing   Find out which students have been tested, which students need testing, and what type of test a student has taken and much more. Request access to the Testing Database

SAISD Data Warehouse • 1702 North Alamo, SATX 78215 • Phone:(210)244-2900 • Fax:(210)223-4938